Liturgy Committee

The room off the narthex of the Church serves as both a library and a nursery. If the need arises a parent may take a child there during Mass and still be able to hear Mass through a loud speaker in the room. The parish is trying to organize volunteers who would staff a nursery during the last Sunday morning Mass each week. If you are willing to help, contact the Parish Office.

Adult Funeral Servers
Mary Ellen Doheny   717-728-7477

Adults who are available during the day volunteer and are trained to serve at Parish Funeral Liturgies. Normally, a team of two servers are scheduled for each funeral.

Altar Servers
Deb Boldosser/Carol Bellis   717-620-8004/717-728-8806

Young men and women who have received First Communion are eligible to be trained to assist at weekend Liturgies and other liturgical services.  Servers are also assigned or asked to volunteer for special liturgies such as Christmas, Holy Week and Forty Hours Devotions.

Bulletin Assembly
Sarah Kling 717-732-9642

Generally on Friday mornings, our Sunday bulletin is assembled for distribution. The bulletins need to be folded and sometimes inserts need to be added.  Help is always welcome.

Candle Care
Charlene Tallman  717-728-7414

The candles in the sanctuary and the votive candles at the various shrines need attention each week.  Volunteers replenish the oil candles with fresh oil and replace the used votive candles with new candles.  Periodically, the containers holding the votive candles are cleaned.

Church Cleaning Crews
Charlene Tallman  717-728-7414

Teams of volunteers take turns doing a general cleaning of the Church each week.  The individual teams coordinate the various tasks with each other:  vacuuming the various areas of the Church, cleaning the windows, etc.  Although most of the groups work on Saturday mornings, the actual work time is flexible. 

Church Decorating Committee
Father Richard Mowery  717-732-9642

A group of volunteers meets periodically, especially before Christmas, Lent and Easter to plan decorations for the Church’s special Liturgical seasons. Close to the feasts, they join with other volunteers to put the decorations in place.

Church Music Program (Cantor, Choir, Musicians,
                Instruments, Substitute Organist)

Daniel Glessner  717-525-3616

Cantors proclaim the Word of God as they lead the Responsorial Psalm at the Sunday Liturgies.  They help support the congregation in singing the ordinary parts of the Mass and the hymns for Sunday Mass and other liturgies year-round. 

Choir members use their voices to offer praise to God at Sunday and special Liturgies. The choir rehearses each Wednesday from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. September through May. 

Instrumentalists are welcome to volunteer their services as musicians.  They can accompany the choir, play solos, and participate in special Liturgies throughout the year.

Experienced pianists/organists are welcome to share their talents as a substitute. 

Live Flower Care
Charlene Tallman  717-728-7414

Except for the Liturgical seasons of Advent & Lent, we strive to have live flowers decorating the sanctuary and giving praise to God each week.  Volunteers take turns caring for the flowers during the week.

Don/Linda Walde   717-991-2472/717-580-6992

Lectors proclaim the Word of God and each week they prepare the First and Second Readings of the Liturgy of the Word.  They also lead the petitions of the Prayer of the Faithful.  Lectors receive instruction in proclaiming the Word of God and their role in the Liturgy.

Extraordinary Ministers (EM) 
Don/Linda Walde   717-991-2472/717-580-6992

The names of those who have expressed an interest in this ministry are published in the Bulletin to inform the parish of their interest.  After they are approved, they receive Diocesan training as well as training from the Pastor.  Extraordinary Ministers usually serve at a weekend Liturgy at least once a month.  On Sunday morning, some Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist also distribute Communion to the home bound or those in nursing homes.

Extraordinary Ministers (EM) at Brookdale
Charlene Tallman  717-728-7414

On Sunday morning, some Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist distribute Communion to the home bound or those in nursing homes.

Father Richard Mowery

Volunteer Sacristans assist the priest celebrant by preparing the items needed for Sunday Liturgies. They work before and after a specific weekend Mass.

St. Michael's Guard
Don Walde   717-991-2471

An ecclesial ministry of men throughout the Diocese of Harrisburg devoted to serving our Lord as altar servers at Mass and other Liturgical ceremonies.  The Guard strives to provide the highest level of discipline, reverence, and humility as we assist Priests, Bishops and Cardinals with fervent study and practice of the rites of the Roman Catholic Church.  We have a great devotion to the Eucharist and we take as our patrons Mary and St. Michael the Archangel.  We emphasize reverence, brotherhood, humility and fidelity (both to the church and to our respective vocations).

Ministers of Hospitality
Ron Magaro  717-821-0071

MOH greet and help seat the people, invite families and individuals to serve as gift bearers during the presentation of gifts, and take up regular and special collections.   They guide the movement of the congregation during Communion and at the end of Mass; they distribute Bulletins and other materials to be given to the people.  After Mass, they check the church to prepare it for the next Liturgy.