Supportive Ministry

Buildings and Grounds Volunteers

Father Don Bender  717-732-9642

Parishioners with particular expertise in areas of building construction and maintenance volunteer to monitor the general upkeep and refurbishment of the buildings and grounds of our parish complex.  Work parties are organized in the spring to freshen up the parish grounds for the summer. Volunteers, using parish equipment, take turns mowing the lawns during the mowing season.  All volunteer help with these projects is greatly appreciated.

Collections Counters

Bob Schultz   717-732-3984

Teams of money counters are appointed by the Pastor to assist in counting and banking the weekly collection. Each team serves about eight times a year.

Website Committee

Mike Heidelbaugh  717-554-6343

The Website Committee is building the body of Christ by creation and maintenance of the Parish website.  This was created for the use of parishioners as a means of connectivity to current activities drawing nearer to Christ.  The committee is open to all who wish to lend their creative and technological talents to further this ministry.    

Pastoral Council

(Chair) Mike Rentschler   717-731-9464

The Our Lady of Lourdes Pastoral Council is the primary decision-making body of the church, and in union with the Pastor, it guides the activities of the parish and its organizations.  It is committed to fostering worship of the Lord, promoting service within the family of God and to the setting of the direction of the Parish through prayerful reflection.  Registered members of the parish, age 17 and older, who are practicing Catholics, are eligible to serve on the Pastoral Council.  Meetings are held monthly except July and August.

Financial Council

Bob Schultz   717-732-3984

The members of the Finance Committee are appointed by the Pastor.  The Chairperson of the Finance Committee is an ex officio member of the Pastoral Council.  The members of this group meet periodically during the year and provide advice on matters that concern parish finances.

Our Lady of Lourdes Library

Richard Hahn   717-972-0684

The room off the narthex of the Church serves as both a library and a nursery. An eclectic collection of books on all aspects of Catholic theology and the spiritual life are available to all parishioners to be borrowed at no cost. Committee members screen and categorize new requirements. All are welcome to browse the library whenever the Church building is open.